Protect your supply chain with quality data you can track and trace.

Reduce risk and improve yield through supply chain accountability.

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  • The GSQA® "Software as a Service" solution is focused on supplier quality assurance and supply chain quality management by tracking material performance that drives business success for quality-oriented companies. Rather than just streamlining existing paper-based processes or their electronic equivalents, GSQA provides a route to operational excellence in an area dominated by sub-optimal methods. Companies focused on predictable product performance for their customers see GSQA as a path to perfected inbound materials and improved finished product quality with data-driven performance assessments and accountability.
  • GSQA® provides material-movement tracking, quality characteristics conformance (Certificates of Analysis), nonconformance management, regulatory documentation compliance, supply chain partner scorecarding and one-click traceability for multi-tiered supply chains. In total these processes comprise best-practices for supply chain quality for many industries.
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