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  • GSQA® is a robust, completely web-based, hosted service that enables subscribers to the service to easily connect with their material suppliers and facilities anywhere in the world through a secure, interactive portal.
  • GSQA® Benefits: GSQA eliminates many of the costs and challenges associated with manually tracking and managing supply chain quality operations including Certificates of Analysis, Certifications and Regulatory Documentation, Product Genealogy, and Supply Chain QA Traceability:
    • The GSQA service enables users to establish rules and best practices and apply them consistently.
    • Connecting through the GSQA portal makes it easy for suppliers, co-manufacturers, and internal plants to communicate and share quality data and documents, and to manage material variability throughout the supply chain.
    • GSQA will also automatically alert administrators to approaching or missed deadlines, incomplete or incorrect responses, and potential material issues or problems.
    • These processes provide the platform for guarding the future of material performance and avoiding market quality disappointments.
  • GSQA® allows its users to focus more closely on Material Variability Management (MVM). In order to achieve MVM, GSQA’s supplier quality assurance and production batch specification conformance deliver value by tracking material performance at the user’s facilities, supplier locations and, if necessary, at sub-supplier locations. Rather than simply streamlining existing paper-based processes or their electronic equivalents, GSQA eliminates them.
  • GSQA® capabilities include communicating and managing specification distribution and sign-off, certification submittals, material-movement tracking, quality characteristics conformance (Certificates of Analysis), material performance analysis, nonconformance management, regulatory documentation compliance, supply chain partner scorecarding and one-click traceability for multi-tiered supply chains. In total, these processes comprise the best practices for supply chain quality management, and are applicable to a wide range of industries.

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