Emns, Inc.

Corporate History

In 1995, EMNS, Inc. developed GSQA® to replace a mainframe based information system. In 1996, EMNS launched an enterprise class, Internet based application that tracked all inbound material quality and analyzed key supplier metrics. EMNS has added features driven by customer feedback for over a decade. These development activities have resulted in a mature, feature rich application delivered in a SaaS model. GSQA has saved The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company a substantial amount of money since its inception and today processes more quality documents worldwide than any other application service at thousands of corporate global locations.

EMNS began in 1986 within AT&T Network Services. EMNS migrated to Lucent Technologies where it developed leading Internet based applications. In 2000 EMNS became a venture spin out of Lucent Technologies.

Today EMNS provides hosting of its unique supply chain quality management SaaS product/service: Global Supply Quality Assurance.  “GSQA” is used by Fortune 1000 businesses with facilities and suppliers in 70 countries. EMNS, Inc. is located in the western suburbs away from the downtown metro Chicago area for increased security.

Most notable from the many successful audits of our facilities, a customer team audited and validated all Datacenter systems – power, security, network and operations – against Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines. The facility and operations were rated best-in-class and meet NRC guidelines, and recently certified SOC 2 compliant by AICPA. The Datacenter is also available to customers needing IT facilities and special expertise in application and data management offered by EMNS. The GSQA business segment reaches across several verticals including Chemicals, Food, Consumer Products, Nuclear Fuel and Beverage.

EMNS Management Team

Bill Benda – CEO, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Benda oversees operations and investor relations at EMNS. Mr. Benda has over three decades of professional experience in the manufacturing and telecommunications industry. He founded the EMNS group while at AT&T.
Kurt Nusbaum – Executive Vice President
Mr. Nusbaum directs strategic GSQA product enhancements. Mr. Nusbaum has over two decades experience solving business process integration issues.
John McGlinn – Vice President Sales & Marketing
Mr. McGlinn is responsible for the marketing and sales success of GSQA®. His sales experience includes $100M in the ascendancy of digital mapping, CAD/CAM, integrated online ERP, and the Supply Chain Management revolution.

Investors and Advisors

Nicholas J. Kokonas – Investor, Board Member
Mr. Kokonas founded Third Moment Trading, LLC. In addition, Mr. Kokonas is a board member for and has been an active investor in, and advisor to, early stage companies, including, LLC (Pearson, PLC).
Longboat Partners – Principal, Edward Chandler, Investor, Advisor
Mr. Chandler is a founder and managing director of Portage Venture Partners, which manages the Portage, Draper Fisher Jurvetson Portage, and Graystone Venture Funds.
Dean Mefford – Advisor
Mr. Mefford provides strategic advice coming from his experience as a Corporate Board Member of Ralston Purina, as well as former President of Viskase.

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