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Quality Management System = SaaS GSQA®

Quality management software systems, if architected correctly, provide supply chain quality management. But that is new thinking, and most traditional quality management system do not consider the supply chain as a quality challenge yet. Some vendors are only now considering supplier quality as a focus, but cannot simply extend their new functionality to the supply chain because of the complexity of modeling a supply network.

That model includes supplier quality, supplier’s supplier quality, co-manufacturer quality, internal “supplier” facilities quality, production process quality and finished product quality. All are supplying materials to a down-steam activity that will determine the product’s viability and performance in the market.

GSQA® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides a more effective and efficient method of managing quality assurance in the supply chain. In some cases it is the only way since manual processes cannot handle the diversity of locations, cultures, forms, data, material movement, and time dependencies that are inherent in supply chain quality management.

Quality Management System

SaaS GSQA® unifies the disparate manual processes and Excel-based systems so prevalent in supplier quality management, especially in extended production environments (outside facilities performing production tasks). All manner of documents and data formats inhabit the diverse and sometimes incoherent paper trails that include material test results, nonconformance reports and certification/audit documents. With the average product at 50% sourced content and some products with much higher inbound content, supplier quality is growing as the culprit for quality failures in the market.

GSQA is the first web-based system of its kind to reach all corners of your supply chain with a common approach and universal access. It is currently available to suppliers and customer enterprise facilities in 70 countries, providing our clients with visibility to their suppler quality according to material name, brand name, location, time frame, shipping plant, and receiving plant. Both comparisons of suppliers and product genealogy trace are one click away!

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