Proven Results: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company (Goodyear) has used GSQA since 1996. Currently Goodyear uses GSQA at the Goodyear headquarters and in over 80 of its manufacturing facilities. With over 1,800 of Goodyear's supplier locations entering shipment and COA data electronically. To date, over 95% of all its raw materials are being tracked with the GSQA application.

The GSQA impact on Goodyear has been tremendous. The ability to have immediate access to statistical quality data from 140,000 shipments annually has provided benefits in many areas. Add in the plant production efficiency improvement, supplier development, and ISO/QS 9000 compliance reporting, the GSQA savings to Goodyear is substantial.

Manufacturing Savings Benefits Description
Reduce Inbound Material Testing, Non-Conforming Material, Waste

Reduce costs associated with testing of incoming materials. With increase supplier confidence, fewer incoming materials need to be tested. Company savings include less test equipment and testing consumables.

Online shipment validation of material specification prior to materials being shipped by the supplier reduces wasted time and money dealing with out of specification material.

Reduce manufacturing waste caused by high material quality variability. Automatic SPC, Pp and time trend analysis for incoming materials reduces unexpected results in the manufacturing process. This will reduce defects, unusable lots, wasted materials and associated disposal and reclamation costs.

Inventory Management

Online Advance Shipment Notification with On-The-Way, Shipment Received, and Released Status, with date procured, supports first-in first-out material management and increases production efficiency.

Production Scheduling Efficiency

Online Advance Shipment Notification provides material delivery dates supporting more accurate production scheduling, reducing line down-time waiting for needed materials, and providing an increase in production efficiency.

COA and ISO/QS/TS Record Keeping and Compliance Costs

Online supplier entered COA data eliminates a plant's need to manually enter, file, and store COA data. Simplified record keeping and information accessibility supports supplier shipment tracking and materials traceability. Online information also reduces storage and archival costs.

Cost Recovery

Online Cost Recovery automation simplifies the ability to track and analyze the costs incurred because of a supplier's nonconformance and quality issues. These charges are passed back to the supplier.

Corporate Quality Savings
Supplier Quality Management and Development

Corporate wide online real time view of all your suppliers, CAR/CAP summaries, supplier performance and audit status simplify the management of suppliers worldwide. Will also result in a reduction of documentation storage and archival costs.

nonconformance Management and Regulatory Compliance (ISO/QS 9000, TS 16949 (link to TS-16949) and AS 9000)

Online management of CAR/CAP, Supplier Development, Audit and Statistical Analysis data to reduce the manual generation, tracking, management and reporting of quality records required for ongoing ISO/QS/AS 9000 and TS 16949 compliance. Online information also reduces documentation storage and archival costs.

Supplier Communication Quality Manual

Online message of the day and automated supplier notification of CAR, Audit and Quality Manual events reduces mailings, faxes and manual labor to the suppliers.

Supplier Rating and Ranking

Simplified supplier rating and ranking through online supplier quality performance summaries.

Engineering Savings
Material Specification Management

Online material specifications management and testing requirements reduces costs in supplier communications and specification management.

Material Trends Analysis

Online real time analysis of material characteristics and trends across suppliers and regions simplify engineering's task of evaluating and modifying material specifications.

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