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Meet the Requirements of GFSI-Certified Schemes

GSQA® (Global Supplier Quality Assurance) is a web-based SaaS quality management product that enables food companies to more easily meet the requirements of GFSI-certified schemes.

Boxing GloveIn IFS Food the following 10 items are defined as knock-out (KO) requirements for certification success:

1.2.4 Responsibility of the senior management

Management policies regarding food safety and quality may be defined by a trained administrator as GSQA® workflows and certifications. Business unit managers will be alerted regarding their responsibilities, their response and follow through will be recorded as appropriate. Updates to policies will be automatically distributed for review and sign off (optional). Responsible individuals will be advised of upcoming annual reviews and provided an interface to easily update required documents and records. Monitoring system of each CCP

Records of routine and/or exceptional test results may be uploaded from monitoring systems to GSQA® for each critical control point (CCP) using standard data interface tools. Manual records may be created by an authorized user in the event that a monitoring system does not exist or the event does not trigger an automatic upload. Personnel hygiene

GSQA® can function as a centralized, version-controlled repository for critical personnel documents and records. Updates and changes are date and time-stamped with the specific user ID. Electronic signatures may be required and tracked to ensure that only authorized individuals can access these records. Raw material specifications

Specifications for raw materials or co-manufactured products can be easily created in GSQA® or uploaded from existing ERP or formula management systems. Once approved, they are automatically distributed to approved suppliers for review and sign off. All changes or updates are managed in the same way. Each step in the process is date and time-stamped to instantly provide a detailed audit trail when needed. Recipe compliance

Customer requirements may be specified in GSQA® and test results entered by lab technicians or production floor personnel for each finished product lot or batch will be verified to meet customer standards for quality and safety. Certificates of Analysis and Compliance can be automatically generated and emailed before the product ever leaves the dock.

4.12.1 Foreign material management

Inspection standards can be documented and tracked in GSQA® to ensure that all ingredients are free of contamination. Similar tests can be recorded at every subsequent step leading to the finished product to ensure that no foreign material is introduced. Non-conformances can be easily recorded and communicated to appropriate individuals or suppliers for follow up and corrective action.

4.18.1 Traceability system

GSQA® can record all ingredients, packaging and production steps which go into your finished product. Quality and inspection data can be manually entered or automatically uploaded from lab or manufacturing systems. In the event of a complaint of recall, quality staff can instantly view the entire process and click on any point for detailed information or documents.

5.1.1 Internal audits

GSQA® eliminates the work required for internal (and external) audits by centralizing quality data and documents, and providing a detailed record of all ingredients and processes that may affect the quality and safety of the finished product. Audit forms and questionnaires may be completed and scored online by operations personnel, eliminating the need for data collection and entry by auditors. Records are instantly available for review, correction and approval by staff and managers. Schedules and deadlines are tracked in GSQA® and notices are automatically sent to affected individuals so that no dates are missed.

5.9.2 Procedure for withdrawal and recall

In the event of a recall, the GSQA® Traceability function enables easy identification and tracking of affected products, both forward and back. Notices and checklists can be generated to ensure that all steps and procedures are followed and documented. Contact names and information are regularly updated, eliminating the possibility of a gap in communications and follow through.

5.11.2 Corrective actions

Non-conformance reports (NCRs) can be easily recorded and communicated in GSQA® to appropriate individuals or suppliers for follow up and corrective action. Once an alert has been received, the time required to respond and develop a corrective action plan (CAP) is recorded. Failure to respond in the appropriate timeframe may lead to additional notifications and escalations. The CAP must be reviewed and approved by the issuer (or supervisor) before implementation.

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