Simplify COA Traceability

COA processing managed manually?

Whether you are a process manufacturer or purchasing finished goods, you probably need some sort of documentation for each shipment, whether it is a Certificate of Analysis (COA®) or Certificate of Compliance (COC). These documents need to be present for each shipment. How do you track COA’s and COC’s for each shipment across a global supply chain, and produce those documents upon an audit?

The expectation is that the COA® provides the quality link between the shipment for each material lot and each lot’s specific test results. How this information will be used depends on how it is delivered and how uniform the data is. Paper COAs are stored in a plant’s quality office file drawer and are supposed to be "available" for review, but in reality the review is an arduous task usually performed under time pressure from a government agency or product safety analysis … exactly when automation would be very useful. The resulting time to clear a facility compliant can be significant, leading to unnecessary plant closings, potential finished product recalls, and significantly reduced productivity.

Our solution: Delivered as an Internet application (SaaS), GSQA® provides efficient traceability for all incoming material shipments, simplifying traceability and accountability across your direct and indirect supply chain. The e-COA® simplifies collecting this information, and, as an added benefit, provides a supplier quality knowledgebase for quick quality analysis.

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