Reduce Supplier Material Variability®

Material variability holding back stellar performance?

Identically specified materials and components vary as delivered to plants for the same intended purpose. The “same” materials or components from the same supplier with sister plants do not arrive as identical material or components 100% of the time. How do you track individual supplier material variances across a complex supply chain?

Why this variation? There are many legitimate reasons. Local geographic conditions, work force, production assets and processes, production cycles, and suppliers' supplier's raw materials all result in variation for incoming materials. Ways in which these variations occur can be seen in inconsistent packaging or labeling, incorrect materials or components, contaminated shipments, all resulting in fraudulent deliveries.

To combat these variations, manufacturers implement additional processes and overhead, including 100% incoming testing, safety stock and increased WIP. The means to measure this is scrap rates, rework activities, production delays and material expediting charges, or even a recall negatively impacting brand integrity.

Our solution: Delivered as an Internet application (SaaS), GSQA® statistically tracks material characteristics, and provides alerts when material do not meet your specifications. GSQA® does this across your entire supply chain. It is a single point for extracting business intelligence from centralized data to identify risk and reduce costs. Material variability is stopped at the supplier.

GSQA Live: "Online Material Validation as Quality Assurance"

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