Nonconformance Management

Managing and tracking supplier nonconformances and corrective actions?

When there is a problem with inbound materials, you need to inform the supplier of the infraction as soon as possible. Not proactively managing these events impacts production yields. Unfortunately, gathering and sharing nonconformance conditions is difficult and time consuming. How do you efficiently address the incident with all of the appropriate information, as well as share it with the offending supplier? How can you efficiently track the results across multiple suppliers, manufacturing facilities and products?

Quality Systems to identify and manage nonconformances vary across the enterprise. Typically, only the most obvious problems get reported, such as damaged goods or late shipments. Most interactions occur on the phone and in e-mail and are unsecured and loosely documented, which promote unnecessary risk. Your personnel spend time gathering information before sharing it to relevant parties. After issuing the nonconformance, the supplier may not be systemically measured on the timeliness or quality of their response.

Our solution: Delivered as an Internet application (Software as a Solution or SaaS), GSQA® provides efficient communication between you and your direct material suppliers and co-manufacturers. GSQA® provides a single system to manage supplier nonconformance activity. It tracks issues and their resolution from beginning to end, including cost impact. As a result, companies can have accountability and security across its global supply chain.

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