Supply Chain Quality Challenges Solved by GSQA®

Comparing "good product" test results with "bad product"
characteristics to improve yield?

Finished product characteristics vary widely based on a broad number of factors. The key to eliminating variation is to find the root cause, whether it is material-based or process-based. One method is to compare the characteristics of an “acceptable” finished product with an “unacceptable” finished product and determine what is different. What data do you need to make these comparisons? How difficult is the data to gather? How quickly can you make changes once the data is found and analyzed?

Production conditions can greatly impact your ability to consistently manufacture your product. The obvious ones are easy to spot. Once those are managed, finding additional variation can be difficult. Correlating material quality, maintenance activities, personnel, environment and shift information, to name a few possibilities, can be quite daunting.

Our solution: Delivered as an Internet application (Software as a Solution or SaaS), GSQA’s Supply Chain Management Software simplifies the ability for you to correlate material quality, process variables and personnel actions to perfect production yield. It is a single point for gathering critical data from supplier quality to finished goods characteristics. GSQA® enables you to quickly extract business intelligence to identify risk and reduce costs.

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