Improve Supplier Scorecarding

Vendor Scorecarding: Is it missing supplier/material performance metrics?

Gathering appropriate information and measuring suppliers on compliance, material quality and supplier development can be limited by the systems that you currently have in place. Unfortunately, if the information is difficult to gather, it may never be used to measure suppliers, even if the information is critical to supplier performance. How do you efficiently gather the necessary data to better measure your supply chain?

Supplier quality information, across a global supply chain, provides important elements to a supplier scorecard. This information though can be hard to gather. Examples include, but are not limited to, the number, type and duration of nonconformances, material performance in production, material adherence to specifications and mandated supplier certification conformance.

As supply chains evolve and become more tiered through off-shoring, not having this information puts an enterprise at more risk. Supplier quality visibility across the supply chain becomes more critical to ongoing operations.

Our solution: Delivered as an Internet application (SaaS), GSQA® provides a means to collect global quality metrics, improving purchasing department’s efforts to rank and manage suppliers. These metrics extend to direct suppliers and co-manufacturers. Procurement professionals gain a more accurate picture of their suppliers’ performance and can better manage supplier effectiveness.

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