Quality in Multi-tier Supply Chain

Is your supply chain now multi-tiered with no upstream quality visibility?

As outsourced manufacturing continues, the extended supply chain requires finding suppliers for less expensive materials. The search will potentially take these companies to locations where current standards for material quality and their associated IT systems lack consistency. This makes the management of material quality information difficult if not impossible. The suppliers to the outsourced manufacturer may or may not be willing to be audited. This invites contaminated or counterfeit materials to enter the supply chain unbeknownst to the final market-facing enterprise. How can you minimize the resulting risk associated with lower cost raw materials?

Our solution: GSQA®, Global Supplier Quality Assurance, a SaaS offering hosted by us provides efficient communication between you and your direct material suppliers & co-manufacturers. It is a single point for extracting business intelligence from centralized data to identify risk and reduce costs. Only GSQA allows for modeling the supply chain for quality assurance. This material-based global model requires accountability to guarantee truthful data. GSQA provides 21CFR Part11-compliant electronic signature capability to eliminate counterfeit or fraudulent material and components.

GSQA® Protects Supply Chain Quality

GSQA® protects your supply chain. GSQA® provides best practices in supplier quality and supply chain quality assurance via our highly automated SaaS solution for suppliers, supplier’s suppliers, co-manufacturers, internal production facilities, and customers. GSQA’s unique e-COA® with ASN validates COAs against specifications, also provides automatic SPC trending and analysis. Regulatory document compliance, web-based nonconformance management, forward/backward traceability, real-time analytics and alerts, all help reduce material variability and its challenges to efficient production performance and eventually to customer satisfaction. To learn more, click on the video below.

"Solution to Supply Chain Quality Protection"

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