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Certificates of AnalysisImplementing electronic Certificates of Analysis (e-COA®) in your company’s supply chain is an opportunity for change with substantial value. During the past decade, when supply chains have grown into multi-tiered supply networks, many companies have deployed new tools for managing relationships with suppliers (such as Supplier Quality Assurance programs) as well as more powerful approaches to managing the quality of products and processes (TQM, ISO-9000, Six Sigma and others). These complex supply chains, networks and alliances today rely on inputs that are now literally out of view: where, in the past, quality oversight was a matter of going down to the shop floor and looking around, today it is about the company’s supplier, the supplier’s supplier, and that supplier’s supplier, all embedded in a widely dispersed web of economic relationships enhanced by Electronic Certificate of Analysis (e-COA®).

In this daunting environment, Supplier Performance and Quality Management companies become key players (and partners) in maintaining standards. We stand with you in the on-going work of earning the loyalty of your customers.

Supplier Performance and Quality Management tools provided by companies like EMNSSM can significantly increase the reliability of your supply flow. Consistently high quality in all parts of your supply network results in reliable products that customers will prefer, and likely to continue to prefer even in the face of competition. The loyalty of customers helps insulate a company from price wars, safeguarding your company’s margins over the long term.

One of the tools that is focused on making sure your supply network is consistently achieving the level of quality that your company and your customer demands is the use of Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Certificate of Compliance (COC). This certificate is a document that is formulated to reflect the key specifications about a material that you, your supplier, or your supplier’s supplier, use in your product. At each step of the production process, each supplier CERTIFIES, by filling out and signing this document, that a specific batch of material within the tolerances set up by you for each specific material as your standard. By using a Supplier Performance and Quality Management company such as EMNS, and implementing the program of GSQA, these Certificate of Compliance (COC) and Analysis are electronically organized to be searchable, as well as to instantly communicate nonconformances. This enables you to respond to any dangers to the quality standards you have set for your product before they become dangers to customers or to your reputation. Instant, reliable reports from the COA’s of your supply chain is available to you on GSQA’s secure network and data center. This purpose-built facility is considered reliable by the nuclear industry and recently was certified SOC 2 compliant by AICPA. It provides the security and speed of response that today’s sophisticated and complex production processes demand.

Companies function as part of a network that go beyond simple customer, supplier relationships. They include investors, the trade press, regulatory agencies and informed community groups. Aside from the direct impact of increased response power, state-of-the-art Certificates of Analysis (e-COA) demonstrate and prove that you stand behind the promises you make in your value proposition to your customers. Your partnership with GSQA, a leader in the area of supplier performance and quality management, is proof of that commitment, enhancing your standing in the greater social, financial and business environment on which your company relies.

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Certificates of Analysis

To summarize, some of the advantage that your company gains by implementing electronic Certificates of Analysis (e-COA®) are:

Electronic Certificate of Analysis
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