GSQA® e-COA® Outbound

GSQA Live: "The COA in B2B Relationships"

SaaS Product that Automates the Collection and
Distribution of COA/COC Documentation to Your Customers

Automate COA® and COC delivery to customers via on-line access, fax or e-mail. Collect batch/lot quality test data for the creation of your COAs.

Badge of Quality or Just a Form?

The GSQA® e-COA® Outbound is a customer-facing Certificate of Analysis system - a COA solution that simplifies distribution of lot level COA and COC data across your customer base. The e-COA Outbound module consolidates COA data into a single customer portal, enabling you and your customers to easily and quickly retrieve COA data. This capability simplifies traceability for your customers, enabling you to provide this information instantly and securely through a web portal. In addition to on-line COA access, the COA information can also be sent via email or fax to one or many different customer locations, so that your customer contacts can have your product quality information at their finger tips.

If you have multiple production plants, GSQA’s e-COA Outbound consolidates the COAs from each of the facilities. The e-COA Outbound module eliminates confusion, provides a consistent communication platform for your customers, and simplifies traceability for your QA managers across your entire company.

Ultimately, this focused-value module assists sellers of products to efficiently communicate their quality dedication to their customers by providing on-going lot and batch-specific quality metrics. Whether on-demand, e-mailed or faxed, the COA is no longer just another form, but your Badge of Quality assurance.

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