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Electronic Certificate of Analysis

GSQA® is an COA-icon electronic Certificate of Analysis management system that makes for a complete COA solution. GSQA® provides a single location for all members in a supply network to generate, validate, transmit, analyze and store COAs over the web. Twelve different methods are available to input COA data including standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for an EDI certificate of analysis. Since this information is digital, the electronic Certificate of Analysis, or e-COA® is managed and statistically analyzed in a way that consistently results in reduced overhead and improved productivity.

The created knowledgebase eliminates paper COA Certificate of Analysis documents on the one hand and provides complete supplier traceability on the other since GSQA's e-COA® uses the web to submit Certificates of Analysis with their Advanced Ship Notices (ASN). COA - and the COC (Certificates of Compliance) - offers substantial supplier performance data to operations and purchasing departments that make COA compliance with its benefits an increasingly effective best-practice. COA compliance helps meet the growing challenges of safeguarding such vulnerable domains as food supply (managing certificates of analysis food.)

The GSQA® e-COAs collect lot level information directly from the supplier 12 different ways including EDI as previously mentioned, EDI Internet, XML, web browser, spreadsheet upload, and fax. GSQA® presents the information in a consistent, usable fashion and automatically calculates whether a supplier’s process is statistically in control.

Because GSQA® e-COA utilizes a SaaS model, dedicated hardware and software are eliminated, and all GSQA modules are standardized and easily accessible. They collectively support supply chain quality in every production process in which the material performance of inputs is a key to producing quality products for the end user.

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Features and Benefits

The Problem

People-skills vary inside supplier companies and among supply chain partners. Workers in plants around the world have different modes of operation and their documents reflect that diversity.

Some suppliers only provide paper documentation. Some suppliers send COAs in different formats for the same material based on plant location. Those formats may include hand-written annotations and/or missing required data. In some cases, suppliers try to accommodate customers with their requested formats by massaging digital data into an acceptable PDF. At the other end of the spectrum, technology-enabled suppliers insist on computer-to-computer data transfers, other resist moving away from paper. Many suppliers do not want to change their current practices, most likely paper-based, but some are of a different mindset and recognize the future is here with electronic partnerships. They want to participate somehow over the web, but do not have the skill set.

The receiving companies generally deal with this wide variation of supplier documentation by living with the resulting informational “Tower of Babel”. They are forced to use manpower to decipher, store and take action based on supplier documentation.

Electronic Certificate of Analysis - How it Works

GSQA’s e-COA provides a number of methods for suppliers to enter COA data into the GSQA portal. Some techniques are direct entry and some are electronically transmitted over the web. Our customers require a range of technologies because each supply base is diverse when it comes to individual supplier technology assets.

Today GSQA offers a supplier quality manager 12-plus ways for his/her suppliers to interact with the receiving facilities for required supplier documentation. The goal? Uniform data for tracking material quality, performance, and traceability for every lot or serial numbered part managed over the web electronically at a lower cost than today’s labor-intensive supplier quality processes.

Unique in its maturity and flexibility, the GSQA e-COA, once uploaded, provides not only shipping information but also critical material specification information by lot, enabling material analysis using standard statistical process control (SPC) methods.

electronic certificate of analysis

GSQA transmission and format options include the following:

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