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Material Variability Management and its Unique Visibility in GSQA

"COA" or Certificate of Analysis at EMNS is really the code word for Material Variability Management (MVM) in GSQA®. This is a unique workflow focused on the visibility and management of the natural and induced material characteristics variability inherent in all human activity, but especially important in manufacturing of all kinds. All materials vary in important characteristics by lot, version, shipment, season, supplier, plant, shift, production line and expiry date.

Material Variability Management As you know, some characteristics are product-safety related, some are quality related, and some are "performance" related. All need constant surveillance for consistent market success. The management of material variability can start with your supplier’s supplier, your supplier, an enterprise feeder plant or a previous production process depending on the material’s impact on finished product safety, quality and performance. Belief-based confidence is insufficient today for continued market success. Data must drive awareness, visibility and validation for consistent quality assurance. Having all those material processing locations online in the same overarching web-based system is the answer to the technical communication methodology for MVM. GSQA® uniquely provides this important work flow.

Material Variability Management: e-COA® with ASN

Material Variability Management

Without testing and analysis at each phase of production, external and internal, no efficient visibility is signaled until someone notices usually late in the manufacturing process or in the customer's possession. A product’s success depends on delivering on the product’s performance promise which cannot be managed from the finished product testing alone. Some companies claim that if they look at supplier material performance (spec conformance) there is more variability than they expect. Once they think about the consequences of the variability, new ideas enter their thinking:

So, we believe at EMNS that the e-COA® and its management is a bigger deal than a piece of quality documentation. It is the tip of the iceberg for the workflow that assures conformance with test procedures, contracted specifications, design documents, version control management and QA documentation on which most companies are significantly dependent for success in their markets.