Including Non Conformance and Non-Conformance

Nonconformance management can be difficult. First, the issue needs to be identified. Next, documentation needs to be completed, and sent to the supplier. Finally, tracking the supplier's response can be very tedious, even using current communications technologies, such as email and portals.

GSQA® provides an integrated, Supplier Nonconformance Management system that streamlines the creation, tracking and resolution of supplier nonconformance issues. GSQA® automatically flags a nonconformance condition. Based on that information, your company sends a nonconformance request (NCR) to the supplier to correct an issue. The supplier responds with the corrected information and the cycle is completed, without hassle of your employees having to constantly monitor the NCR.

Features and Benefits

How Nonconformance Management Works

GSQA's integrated nonconformance management solution simplifies the identification, tracking and resolution of a nonconformance condition. An NCR is triggered by the data and information that GSQA collects which can include out of specification materials, missed supplier development milestones or damaged materials that arrived at your dock. Nonconformance requests can also be opened by employees. GSQA has a robust workflow that includes internal approvals before NCRs get released to the supplier.

Once an NCR is opened and approved, GSQA automatically notifies pre-determined groups by email that an NCR has been opened. These groups can include supplier personnel, as well as any number of internal personnel interested in supplier activities.

In addition to the notification, the NCR contains all of the data that GSQA gathered to generate the nonconforming condition. This eliminates guesswork on both the supplier side and your side, allowing both you and the supplier to have meaningful discussions about the information, instead of searching for the data in file cabinets, spreadsheets or other systems.

Finally, GSQA tracks each step of the NCR, allowing you to measure supplier responsiveness. From the opening of the NCR to when a satisfactory response is acknowledged, each step is timed, enabling full accountability.

GSQA's integrated approach streamlines the process, simplifies communications, shares data, and provides accountability for each step of creating, managing and resolving supplier nonconformances.

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