Product Traceability

Product Traceability and Country of Origin (COO)

Supplier shipment information lives in multiple locations across your enterprise. In some cases, shipment information is in file cabinets at each facility. In other cases, each supplier may be using a different third-party application to upload their shipping information, requiring you to log in to multiple systems to find out where your shipments are and where they have come from. In all cases, the data is static, and cannot be used to improve your processes, because you cannot extract critical material characteristics information or search for country-of-origin detail.

Stand-alone traceability software and solutions that offer product traceability systems can provide a measure of success in tracking material movement between and among members of a supply network.

GSQA® provides a single source for you to track your shipments within a product supply chain and throughout your supply network. GSQA® creates advanced shipment notifications (ASNs) based on the certificate of analysis data provided for each shipment in combination with the shipment information. Not only can you see where the shipment originated and when it will arrive, you will know how well it conforms to your specifications in advance. In addition, GSQA® works in multi-tier supply chains, providing insight into both your direct suppliers and indirect suppliers.

Whether it is farm to fork, fishery to factory, mine to manufacturing or anything in between, GSQA provides material traceability and supplier performance data to improve your operations and protect your supply chain.

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Features and Benefits

How It Works

For every shipment, suppliers enter shipment information as well as material characteristics such as test results. The shipment information becomes the advanced shipment notification (ASN), letting you know all of the shipment information before the materials reach your factory. In addition to the shipping information, suppliers enter material specifications for each shipment, creating an e-COA®. This information can be uploaded by spreadsheet, EDI, XML or other direct connections. Instead of just a shipment notification, you now have material data that you can use to optimize your operations and manufacturing processes, and country-of-origin search capability for geographic events beyond your control.

Certificate of Analysis
Supply Chain Visibility and Mapping

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