Supplier Audits, Certifications and Regulatory Documentation

Managing regulatory documentation from your supply chain can be a daunting task. Whether it is FDA, ISO-9000, Kosher or supplier audits, not having a systemic means of maintaining these supplier activities can lead to additional costs. These costs can be as minor as relabeling a manufacturing run, or as catastrophic as having to publicly recall product in the field.

GSQA® enables you to manage these documents and activities efficiently across a global supply chain from a single system for all of your supplier locations. GSQA® eliminates antiquated paper based documentation systems. The supplier development status information is integrated with other GSQA® supplier scorecarding features, providing a closed loop supplier management solution. Finally, GSQA collects information specific to your needs. Supplier portals are only as good as the supplier’s facilities that participate. With GSQA, you can enforce complete supply chain compliance, while gathering the exact documentation you require.

Key Features Include:

How It Works

GSQA enables you to control, by certification and audit type, which suppliers are required to have which certifications or audits. If the audit is present, the supplier is considered active. If a supplier does not have the specific audit, then GSQA automatically alerts both you and the supplier of the non-conformance. If you wish, then you may block supplier shipments based on this information, or open a non-conformance request requiring that an action be taken. GSQA accepts any input, ranging from simple PDF documents to user-definable dynamic forms that can be graded, compliance rated, and version controlled. GSQA offers a range of purposed documents to meet the varied needs of your supplier compliance documentation.

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