Supplier Scorecard and Vendor Scorecard

Scorecard: Automatic and Online

Supplier Scorecard Every company has a different set of key performance indicators or metrics to rate their suppliers, vendors, and internal production hand-off points. Metrics vary from on-time delivery to Cpk performance to nonconformance responsiveness to completed regulatory compliance documentation. Scorecards provide a means to gather the various metrics for understanding supplier capabilities. When a vendor scorecard is generated, then it can be compared with other suppliers by material, by region or even compared to other plants in the same supplier’s company. Ranking supplier performance and then sharing the supplier-vendor scorecarding ultimately improve supplier performance, even if it is painful for the lower ranked companies. Unfortunately, gathering this information can be quite difficult, as it lives in multiple locations, across disconnected systems.

GSQA® provides a means to not only measure suppliers and produce supplier scorecards with the data that GSQA® collects, but also accepts information from outside systems. The correlation enables a solid scorecarding capability that can be shared both internally and with the supplier, in a secure and flexible manner.

How to Measure Supplier Performance

Supplier Scorecard (Quality Performance including Sub-suppliers)

GSQA tracks the quality characteristics for every material, component, or ingredient for every lot, for every shipment, every day from every supplier or internal production phase. Suppliers already have this information, as it is required for their shipment, whether through a LIMS system or third party testing. Internal production tests can be scorecarded also. With data from these sources, GSQA creates a knowledgebase that provides a view of material performance and supplier quality along with internal production process performance.

The GSQA® scorecard feature reflects a material-performance view currently not part of an ERP-driven scorecard. Nonconformances for materials, packaging or process irregularities are tracked by GSQA®. A supplier's responsiveness to nonconformance requests, delivering acceptable corrective action plans and cost recovery can be incorporated into the scorecard.

GSQA can also manage supplier facing certifications as well as regulatory documentation compliance. The supplier's performance in submitting timely and complete documentation is tracked and can be included in a scorecarded. The documents themselves can be graded/scored in detail for manual or automatic analysis. The results from these document compliance activities are incorporated into the scorecarding results.

As a result of the comprehensive knowledge base in GSQA, the procurement professional is the beneficiary of exhaustive information summarized in on-line supplier scorecards, supplier comparisons and ad hoc inquiries for the very best view of the supply base performance and value to the corporation.

Vendor Scorecarding

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