Material Specification Management


Changing specifications with a supplier can be a time consuming task. It requires coordinated global communications, meetings and lots of time to make sure that the changes go through.

GSQA's Supplier Specification Management feature provides a closed loop process for the review and approval of new specifications as well as manages change communication to existing specifications

Features and Benefits

How Specification Management Works

Communicating material changes requires your company to work closely with your plants, your labs, as well as your suppliers. To successfully change a material specification your company must communicate these changes across the manufacturing process. The stakeholders include production, testing labs and suppliers to assure a smooth transition. GSQA provides a communications platform so that there are no surprises.

GSQA administers all facets of specification management, including testing requirements, testing procedures, units of measure conversion and source of supply. GSQA also handles electronic document distribution. This is important for packaging, artwork or any specific policies and procedures required to handle the product.

Finally, GSQA provides a means for suppliers to comment on upcoming specification changes, and to document those suggestions. GSQA proactively notifies your suppliers when changes are being implemented, providing your suppliers advanced electronic notification of the exact date when the switch occurs, eliminating ambiguity and miscommunication.

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