Bioterrorism Act Compliance (Protecting your supply chain)

Executive Overview

GSQA is an online platform that helps manufacturers exceed record keeping and traceability requirements listed in the Bioterrorism Act, Section 306. GSQA collects and stores lot level data from the ingredient manufacturer, the transporter, and the receiver of goods. This traceability extends to both internal and external suppliers, providing visibility across the supply chain. GSQA gives immediate electronic access to those records, in addition to direct access to the COAs and specifications. GSQA also provides lot tracking to show which of your locations used specified lots, even when distributing intermediate product or raw materials between locations.

Bioterrorism Act Compliance with GSQA

FDA's Bioterrorism Act Overview

The Bioterrorism Act of 2002 changed the requirements for material information tracking. Section 306 of The Bioterrorism Act requires food manufacturers to produce records in at most, 24 hours (in an emergency situation) for a bevy of information. This data includes lot and transportation traceability for all ingredients and food contact packaging. (

Compliance Information Required for Non-Transporters

The required information falls into seven categories:

GSQA provides the tools to demonstrate compliance with these regulations in an electronic format. GSQA eliminates paperwork as well as provides instant and complete visibility across your supply chain.

Bioterrorism Compliance With GSQA

Every material characteristic of every incoming shipment of every lot is tracked. GSQA matches the inbound material characteristics to production yield and finished good quality benchmarks. Suppliers or the receiving plant enter shipping and quality information using several different options:

Shipment Information

GSQA provides collection and storage for lot level shipment information required by the Bioterrorism Act. This information becomes readily available through a secure online connection, including all of the contact and location information for the shipper and the transporter.

Lot Information

GSQA collects detailed lot data including test results, as communicated by the certificate of analysis.

Inter + Intra Plant Batch and Lot Tracking

GSQA provides lot tracking to show which locations used specified lots, even when distributing intermediate product or raw materials between locations.

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