Global Food Safety Initiative – GFSI

Executive Overview

Two major initiatives are underway in the Food Industry: US Federal Government’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). One is now the law in the US, and the other is a voluntary global consortium of leading food retailers and manufacturers. Those leaders are focused on reducing the repetitious effort associated with the myriad of independent auditing methodologies requested of suppliers by every company needing to access food safety standards, GFSI guidelines’ behavior, and quality performance of their suppliers.

In support of GFSI’s goals, GSQA is an online platform that helps companies track audit and certification documentation on the web as an important part of their overall view of supplier quality. Given the periodic nature of audits there is movement to supplier self-audits interspersed between GFSI certification bodies’ onsite audits. The self-audit technique provides more timely feedback concerning a supplier’s compliance with the selected GFSI scheme guideline.

GSQA supports the creation and distribution of self-audits on a predefined timetable and provides management of the document workflow with the supplier. Specifically designed self-audits and/or certifications are defined and tracked from deadline scheduling to completion. Scoring of the self-audit and/or certification is done automatically with user queries available by region, company, location, by form, by answer. Nonconforming responses are flagged for additional processing.

GSQA also makes available the following processes suggested by experts as required by GFSI:

Supplier Audits, Certs and Regulatory Documentation

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