Material Performance

GSQA enables manufacturers to quickly understand the material characteristics which affect the manufacturing processes, immediately improving productivity and eliminating waste. GSQA captures the trends for the individual material properties used across the manufacturing operations. This includes both raw material and 'in process' characteristics.

With this data, you will be able to perform material variability ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS. This data allows you to determine how and when each property affects your production yield. By knowing this information, your company will eliminate material related disruptions, improving your bottom line.

With GSQA, you will be able to answer the following questions across your manufacturing operations within 5 minutes.

Which material characteristics most affect product quality?
GSQA tracks how well both raw and 'in process' materials conform to specifications, allowing you to determine if your operating systems are statistically "in control." With a statistically in control system, you will be able to modify these characteristics to determine the optimum production settings, improving your yield and replicating that good yield each and every time.
Which material characteristics most affect production yield?
GSQA correlates daily production yields to individual lots and batches. This helps determine the material characteristics which produce the highest yield. (On a side note: This information will also help determine which characteristics LEAST affects yield, enabling a potential loosening of specifications, driving a potential drop in price).
How well do suppliers meet my specifications?
GSQA's e-COA® feature provides a statistical analysis of all material characteristics from each supplier for all materials. This determines not only if suppliers meet material specifications, but also how well supplier's materials meet the specifications. GSQA also helps identify which of your supplier's plants produce the materials that give you the maximum throughput in your manufacturing process.
Do my suppliers know my specifications?
GSQA provides online specification management. Your suppliers will know immediately when you make a change in the current material specifications. GSQA ensures that your suppliers will only send materials that meet your specifications.
How many nonconformances have I issued to my suppliers?
GSQA's online nonconformance feature streamlines the creation and tracking of nonconformance issues for ALL your plants through easily generated reports that YOU set up to meet YOUR company's needs. You can view nonconformances by plant, by type, by region, by material or by occurrence (or any combination of these and MORE). GSQA eliminates the guesswork on where you should focus your efforts to improve your supplier processes.

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