Process Performance

GSQA stores and analyzes process variables to demonstrate cause and effect in production lines. Data collected includes everything from machine settings to ambient conditions that may cause disruptions impacting margin and product quality. As a repository for process data, GSQA links process and material variations to production results. GSQA is THE data source for ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS to determine which process settings most affect production yield.

By understanding the root cause of process related disruptions, efficiency and yield will go up. GSQA is the tool to improve the quality of your process for your company, for your customers, adding to your profit margin.

How well can you respond the following questions about your process? How quickly can you produce the answers with your company’s current systems?

GSQA has helped companies answer these exact questions, resulting in improved productivity and lowered unit costs.

IF you had GSQA, you would have answered these questions in a matter of MINUTES!

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