Why GSQA® Software-as-a-Service?

Perfect Platform

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a perfect platform to exchange critical material and quality information with your suppliers. Your company requires a constant flow of information in your supply chain including your many suppliers, supply chain partners, co-manufacturers and your plants. This ensures compliance with company documentation, regulatory requirements, specifications, and enterprise performance standards. Many companies attempt to manage this information via a variety of disparate systems and tools. Those include stand-alone quality systems, ERP quality modules, document management systems, e-mail, spreadsheets, and paper. These cobbled-together approaches result in wasted time, poor process enforcement and higher corporate risk.

GSQA® puts all quality processes and documentation into one platform because it was developed as native SaaS. Using a web browser for access, GSQA provides global reach, transparent data management, and easily configurable quality processes via well-developed workflows without custom coding. Deploying GSQA results in measurable process improvements and efficiencies productivity, yield and the quality of finished goods.

Key characteristics of a perfect platform for supply chain quality management and supplier quality assurance are as follows:

Infrastructure Level

GSQA® Application Level

Additional Features

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