Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality with SaaS GSQA® (Global Supplier Quality Assurance)

The GSQA® Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is focused on supply chain quality assurance. That includes supplier quality, co-manufacturer quality, internal “supplier” facilities quality, production process quality and finished product quality. All are supplying materials to a down-steam activity that will determine the product’s viability and performance in the market.

Quality as a metric is complex because it varies from material to material and how that material will be used. Overall, it is the supply chain’s material performance that drives your business success. That’s the quality we are talking about not traditional on-time-delivery or purchase-price-variance metrics. GSQA® provides material movement tracking, quality characteristics compliance, nonconformance management, regulatory document compliance, supply chain partner scorecarding and one-click traceability in a multi-tiered supply chain so that you know the who, what, where and how of the quality of the materials in your products.

SaaS GSQA is the solution to disparate manual and Excel-based systems so prevalent in supplier quality management. All manner of documents and data formats inhabit the diverse and sometimes incoherent paper trails that include material test results, nonconformance reports and certification/audit documents. GSQA is the first web-based system of its kind to reach all corners of your supply chain with a common approach and universal access. It is currently available to suppliers and customer enterprise facilities in 70 countries, providing our clients with visibility to their suppler quality according to material name, brand name, location, time frame, shipping plant, and receiving plant. Both comparisons of suppliers and product genealogy trace are one click away!

GSQA provides electronic collaboration with suppliers and supply chain partners quickly and efficiently to evaluate the effects of their material variability on your company's production yield and product success. Material variability is the characteristic that causes production consistency challenges. On one hand there is scrap and rework to contend with, on the other, production stoppages can result. Expand the supply base and material variability increases. Use suppliers and plants in distant locations, and the variability spectrum of the material widens. Cultural differences and long transportation lines also impact materials such that variability is unavoidable. What is a quality professional to do?

GSQA provides you with the data you need to hold your suppliers and supply chain partners accountable. It delivers supply chain intelligence using your supply chain partners' data so that communication across the supply chain is streamlined to all of the involved parties. Statistical process control (SPC) methods are applied to test data so at a glance, material analysis is available for each test, by supplier location or in aggregate. Automatic alerts keep all interested professionals informed of test result trending or anomalies that might indicate problems over the horizon. GSQA, therefore, improves your tracking skills for supplier quality with the business intelligence needed to identify risk before it has a chance to affect your production.

GSQA provides an ROI by reducing your quality administration costs, scrap and rework event costs, and nonconformance resolution efforts. Since under-performing materials don't make it to production, costs associated with scrapping them are cut. If they do make it, the web-based nonconformance management module allows the supplier to be informed quickly that its materials are not performing as promised and a resolution needs to be reached. Online GSQA reports and flexible queries are instantly available and eliminate paperwork. The costs of communicating documents and quality audits will also be reduced as a result of a more efficient solution for tracking supplier quality.

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